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I absolutely loved the nurturing family group; I find myself looking back at the amazing Training. I speak about it frequently to others! It helped me better understand every individual in my life, most importantly my daughter and many situations I have faced in life have now become very manageable! 100% recommend used for everybody to take it.

Jissi Paulino

Stylist, Limitless Beauty by A & C - 469 Salem St. Suite 40. Medford MA, 02155 - Call 617-595-2323

I believe we had “The Best” virtual Nurturing Family class!! I learned so much from Maxine & John, along with the other stylist & Barber. It’s helped me not only personally. It’s helped me to also help nurture the families I work with on a daily basis. The 5 constructs will always be a part of me. I’m grateful to have been a part of this experience. Connecting and seeing the growth, not only for myself but of my fellow stylist throughout the weeks. I hope we have a reunion of our group!
Thank You!

Deidra Stubbs

Stylist, Simply Erinn’s Unisex Salon 268 Brookline Street Cambridge, MA 02139 6175478098

“Gracias Barbertime todos deberíamos tener la oportunidad de participar en estos talleres tan importantes”

Jesenia Romero

Hair Stylist, Luxury Palace Beauty Salon 226 Columbia Rd. Dorchester MA, 02121, 617-238-7167

The virtual class helped me to realize times have changed and we have to change with them and remember we all need nurturing.

Thank You!

Randy Daniels

Barber, Cut to Fit Barbershop 19 Norfolk St. Dorchester MA, 02126. Call (617) 318-4237