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About Us:

Barbershops & salons will have the tools they need to harness and present better opportunities for their  community. Sharing & displaying Ad Partner content on their BarberTime Streaming Network  will change the way Barbers & Stylists serve, and earn, forever!

For over 20 years Euan’s company BarberTime has been advocating for Barbers & Stylists to better serve their communities and earn income, for the many “hats they wear“, and for their resourcefulness.

BarberTime has spent those 20 years cultivating and defining the media, that will bring the world a new perspective. The Covid-19 crisis had brought his industry into a new normal that demands more from barbers & stylists. BarberTime’s efforts have merged with this need for a voice that will hold grooming professionals and the agencies that govern them accountable and responsible for guarding the industry’s integrity.

BarberTime was born out of the busy environments of the Black neighborhood barbershops in Boston MA, during the late-90’s. BarberTime was created to harness that same energy that the movie Barbershop brought to light, which ignited a cultural movement.

Our Founder, Euan Davis, has lead the way and was featured on the back cover of the Harvard Law Bulletin and labeled a “Media Mogul”.

The industry has a need to better navigate the relationships between barbersalons, their clients and their business communities.

So we built The BarberTime Media Network, Inc. Now we #barbertimeallthetime!

The Goal

Our plan is to encompass and incorporate the complete mission of BarberTime, by upgrading the barbershop/salon industry in major cities, via media-communications and much needed social outreach services.

Populations are growing and these professionals are in place and willing to be an acting branch for a wide range of communication and social needs. BarberTime will provide training and certifications to the services these professionals already provide. Services like mental health and peer support, information communications, marketing, sales, and other relative skill sets. This will populate a variety of neighborhoods with key assets for the communities they serve.

We plan to incorporate health insurance and other benefits via our Government and Private-Sector Partners, to create coverage and support to an industry that’s proven to be there in the hardest of times.

  • Barber/Stylist Chair – Point of contact and where trust is built. A portal into the life of it’s community
  • Client Base – Versatile and reoccurring, a chance to reach any demographic
  • Big & Small Business – Target barbershops to cut their cost of customer acquisition (COCAQ), create awareness and create localized economy’s
  • Informational Traffic – Opinions, referrals and ideas get passed around and can be obtained for many purposes
  • Media – Consumer traffic and their perspective will be represented via media entertainment

This is a natural process that millions of barbers & stylists around the world work in daily, and BarberTime is that conduit!

Our Media


BarberTime captures the lifestyle of our industry and our relations with what people really look for.  No one can give you the true “barbershop talk” perspective like BarberTime does!

  • Industry education
  • Public awareness
  • Entrepreneurial resources
  • Scheduled programming
  • On demand library
  • Original productions
  • Barbershop feedback

Click here to navigate the prototype network. Place your WEB BROWSER into FULLSCREEN mode to experience the best display of the platform. (Platform not completed. Join our Support List to help us grow!)

Our History

~ Our History ~

  • Founded as BarberTime Hair Designs & Entertainment in 1998
  • Began “Up N Sno” Ski Adventures in 1999-2004
  • Bronner Brothers booth in 2003 & 2007
  • Launched the Cornerstone LIVE radio program in 2006-2008
  • Completed a 100 shop outreach campaign with TBG, 2007
  • Hosted the “Do What it Do” Network Bash at UMASS Boston in 2008
  • Launched “BarberTime the Magazine” in 2008
  • Launched the Cornerstone LIVE on BNN TV in 2008
  • Opened “The Biz Barbershop” which hosted #BarberTimeHQ in 2008
  • Special guest media at Super Bowl XLII in 2012
  • Granted back cover of the Harvard Law Bulletin in 2013
  • Changed to “The BarberTime Media Network, Inc., in 2015
  • Granted 5 city east-coast tour at the Microsoft Stores in 2018
  • Completed a 7 location outreach campaign with the Mass DMH & the BGC for Issac’s Story in 2017-2019
  • COVID-19 LIVE support broadcasts in 2020
  • BarberTime RADIO, 2020
  • New Years Eve Broadcast 2021
  • Mental Health Champions campaign with the BPHC & FNC from 2021-2022
  • KIVA PEER Support Champions campaign in 2022
  • BarberTimePLUS, December 2022!
  • Happy New Year!

The actual beginnings of The BarberTime Media Network (TBMN) began before our stop at the Harvard TLC and our appearance on the back cover of the Harvard Law Bulletin.

It was before TBMN was granted center table at the NFL Hall of Fame Brunch during Super Bowl XLVI.

It was also before Microsoft agreed to allow TBMN to travel the country and spread our message via their exclusive store locations.

It was even before we met the Tucker Brown group, who helped secure our first contract with the Department of Public Health in Massachusetts, spawning the proof and the validity of the mission.

It began in a barbershop in Boston when a local promoter stepped in the door asking to leave some flyers. Right then, our founder had a vision of a media network sharing information and advertising.

At that moment, the cloudy day above partied ways right above the church across the way, for rays of sunlight and goosebumps all over! GOD’s plan was downloaded and set forth what was to come and provide the proper tools for those chosen to guard their communities and serve the people

At the time of the original vision the world’s technology wasn’t ready and gave the idea time to grow and prove itself. That concept proving came in the form of 2 years of a radio program, 5 years of a television show, 8 magazines and several hair show events.

By the time the tech caught up we re-branded our name and logo, then we soon developed the actual media network that would be the conduit to these brilliant industries.

So now we #barbertimeallthetime and represent all of our #BlessedandHighlyFavored professionals!