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It Ain’t Hard to Tell – It Takes Two

This pure energy transmitting masterpiece will never die. The not so internationally known Rob Base put his best “pen to paper” for one of the world’s greatest songs, period! “It takes 2” is the epitome of this “It Ain’t Hard to Tell” blog series. This track has everything you ears…

It Ain’t Hard to Tell – Shook Ones Pt. II

“Shook Ones P. II” embodied that fragility of the encounters the hood had to navigate daily, all while mastering the breaks, beats, and samples at the disposal of the legendary Alchemist.

It Ain’t hard to Tell – This Thing of Ours

The Sopranos is one of, if not, one of the most used mob related cinema that’s heard in The Alchemist’s music, a few of these samples can be heard in tracks such as…

It Ain’t Hard to Tell – Popular Tracks Great Samples

Every rap fan has experienced lack of respect for their generation’s music from older rap fans in some shape, form, or fashion. It happened in the 80s and 90s with gangsta rap, and can also be seen in all aspects of today’s rap music. I genuinely believe that bridging the gap between generations, would simply be today’s artists paying homage…

It Ain’t Hard to Tell – Stars in the Making

This week’s piece will consist of rappers and producers within the New York drill scene. Despite the reputation of New York drill music, the popular subgenre of rap music is stacked with some of the most talented rappers and producers currently out. The best thing about New York drill is the fact that when most of these artists or producers end up with a placement…

It Ain’t Hard to Tell – Iconic Rap Voices

In this week’s It Ain’t Hard to Tell piece, I’ll be analyzing some of the most iconic voices from the past few generations of rap music.

It Ain’t Hard to Tell – Styles P

For this week’s “It Ain’t Hard to Tell”, I’ll be dissecting a verse from one of the illest MC’s to ever bless a microphone, Styles P. Styles is popular for his heavy and gritty delivery, meaning, you feel the weight of his words the moment they leave his mouth.

It Ain’t Hard to Tell – Jay Z

This week’s “It Ain’t Hard to Tell” will focus on a top five rap beef of all-time, a rivalry that most thought would go unresolved until the end of time, Jay-Z versus Nas.

It Ain’t Hard to Tell – Westside Gunn

This week’s “It Ain’t Hard to Tell” piece is about one of my favorite artists, as well as one of my favorite songs.. ever. If you don’t know him by now, Westside Gunn is a Buffalo, New York native, one-third of one of today’s biggest rap groups Griselda, and, well, he’s FlyGod.

It Ain’t Hard to Tell – Tyler, the Creator

"It Ain't Hard to Tell" Tyler, the Creator“Mike The Visionary”   Tyler, the Creator has had one of the biggest turn-arounds in recent rap history. Over the past fourteen years, his fans have had the honor to both hear and see him blossom from one of the biggest...

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