BarberTime helps entrepreneurial Barbers & Stylists monetize their resourcefulness and their environment!

Lock in your lown $9 a month introductoring rate today!

For Barbers & Stylists

The activity you produce on this platform helps consumers find you and helps businesses determine who to choose as an Ambassador, for their brand. BarberTime built this platform for professionals like you, to do and be who you already are, and help to monetize your worth. BarberTime is your tool to harness the energy your environment generates.

Businesses EVERYWHERE are looking for Ambassadors like you, to help build their brand. You are uniquely positioned to help almost any business reach their target market. The rapport you hold with your clients and community possess a strength that small businesses and corporations alike, need to grow their companies.

Your Clients are always asking you for your advise and recommendations, on all types of important decisions. Now you can better serve that need with a streaming network, a promotional marketplace, community support tools and a database of affiliate Ambassadors.


What can you do?

  • Get found on the Buzz.
  • Be hired by a local business or agency, and keep 100% of earned income.
  • Be a part of one of our PAID participant, corporate campaigns.
  • Keep your clients entertained and informed.
  • Display your best work and hired promotions.
  • Earn referrals by building relationships with neighboring businesses.


What do you get!

  • BarberTime Academy Enrollment
  • Access to the BarberTime LIVE STREAMING NETWORK, displaying our curated media content.
  • One hairstyle portfolio and one GrapeVine posts submission to the display areas.
  • One introduction for hire to a compatable BUSINESS, within a 2 mile radius of YOUR STOREFRONT business or place of occupation.
  • One DJ mention during a BarberTimeRADIO music mix.
  • 1 business management consultation with one of our Partners. Appointment required. Instructions will be provided with membership.

What we’re working on!


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