KIVA Centers of Massachusetts

In 24′ KIVA will train 24 virtual PEER SUPPORT Barbers & Stylists to provide help within 24hrs! Trainees will earn a $$$ stipend and certification to identify those in need and offer necessary support, with the help of KIVA Centers peer staff members.

Register for the Winter sessions has closed.

Click on the region below for full details on the Spring sessions.

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Meet the class of 22′

KIVA Peer Ambassador – Franchesca Castro

KIVA Peer Ambassador: Jerel Paul

KIVA Peer Ambassador: Sharon Powell

KIVA Peer Ambassador: Nicole Alleyne

KIVA Peer Ambassador – Erinn Pearson

KIVA Peer Ambassador – Deidra Stubbs

KIVA Peer Ambassador – Zina Thompson

KIVA Peer Ambassador – Tarsha Williams

KIVA Peer Ambassador – Georgette Kelly