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Correspondent Terms

  • Policies & Guidelines:
    • ALL correspondents must agree to BarberTime correspondent guidelines and policies
    • Guidelines
      • Correspondents are Media VOLUNTEERS, that can earn perks and contractual stipends for select events and coverages.
      • Correspondent status is valid for 6 months and must be reapplied for by the end of it’s term
      • Correspondents must create ONE weekly BarberTime BUZZ video (a report on your areas social affairs or industry relative content) on their profile and mention the hashtags, and .
        • A weekly LIVE video or upload to their YouTube channel and provide the link in a post.
      • Correspondents must ADD their weekly video to the BarberTime YouTube MEMBERS Channel playlist .
        • A collaborative link will be provided once a Member is selected to be a Correspondent
      • Correspondent must POST & SHARE their weekly BUZZ video link to the MAIN BarberTime Feed & their BarberTime account, FAN CLUB.
      • Correspondent must use the BarberTime TAG’s on each post, per social media platform.
      • Content must be delivered in a timely fashion each week. Content must be posted by 6pm Friday evening, each week. It CAN be submitted prior to Friday at 6.
      • ALL Correspondents receive:
        • An introduction company blog/social post, announcing their BarberTime correspondent status with the company. Post will be shared on featured section on the BUZZ and GRAPEVINE pages.
        • Higher listings in their regional Member directory.
        • Profile mentions during select Media programs.
        • 20% off of select BarberTime services and apparel.
        • $50 per hr at LIVE events, that BarberTime has assigned for correspondent coverage.
        • Select correspondent posts will be added to HOT CLIPS, on the LIVE channel programming and on 360’s at 6 News
      • All correspondents are listed on our Member Correspondents list
    • Policy
      • All correspondents must create clean content for all BarberTime related content. Any inappropriate content will be removed and the correspondent status may be terminated.
      • Correspondents are liable for their content and exclude BarberTime of any wrong doing or damages occurring from their posts.
      • Video versions of posts may be used as company promotional posts on social media and BarberTime channels, at BarberTime’s convenience and discression.
      • BarberTime will own all rights to access, add, remove/or duplicate ALL correspondent materials, related to BarberTime.

To become a BarberTime Media Correspondent, fill out the form below and enter your IG & Facebook handles. Also include any other website or video link, to be considered in our decision.


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