Mike “The Visionary” Cotton

9 September 2022


Name: Jahmal “N.E. Cuts” Starobin

Hometown: Stoughton, MA

Age: 28


Jahmal has been a barber for a little over a year. His motivation to cut hair stemmed from his father always telling him that he should start; his career began shortly after in August of last year, when he completed barber school. Starobin stated to the BarberTime Press that he really fell in love with cutting hair because he instantly felt that, “… it’s better than working for someone else, you have the ability to build your own schedule and routine.” Starobin began working at The Biz barbershop (Mattapan, MA) soon after “Alexdabarber” informed him about the shop and its environment. According to Jahmal, he appreciates The Biz and everyone that works there because he feels, “a relationship and bond that’s bigger than a check.”


In terms of his goals within the barber industry, Jahmal wants to “unite and broaden the barber industry, especially in the East Coast.” Starobin is also extremely passionate about his community. In the near future, he wants to become a community influencer, and interview local business owners that may need assistance boosting the popularity of their business.

A lesson the barber industry taught him: “You can be just as good as a barber of twenty-years on your first day. Have confidence in yourself from day one.”

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