Mike “The Visionary” Cotton

9 September 2022


Name: Franchesca (a.k.a. @hurricane617)

Hometown: Boston, MA

Age: 33


Franchesca has been cutting hair for over a decade, and is currently a licensed cosmetologist, esthetician, barber, and nail technician. She got her start after a woman named “Austria” allowed her to cut hair in her shop (Charlestown, MA) shortly after she finished cosmetology school. Following her venture at her first shop, Franchesca also worked for supercuts for three years, the “Hair Cuttery” for seven years, and is currently working at the “Vixx” in Boston.

Franchesca expressed to the BarberTime Press that she “always had a passion for hair since I was a little girl, I love creating styles and making people feel good.” In terms of her goals, she stated that she, “… wants to be one of the most outstanding and respected female barbers in Boston, and one of the best barbers and cosmetologists in Boston.” She also dove into her devotion to being a full-time rapper and barber, and told the BarbeTime Press, “I’m also a rapper. I want to create great music, and be able to do both… Right now, I’m doing hair full-time, but I also want to find time to do music full-time as well.

            A lesson the barber industry taught her: “Never stop, because you never stop learning. There’s always room for success.”


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