BarberTime helps businesses build awareness, with the help of select entrepreneurial Barbers & Stylists, representing their brand!

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For Businesses

The activity Barbers & Stylists produce on this platform, helps consumers find your business and helps you determine who to choose as a brand Ambassador. BarberTime built this platform for Barbers & Stylists to better harness their environments, generate greater awareness and introduce new markets, to their base.

Businesses everywhere are looking for the right Ambassadors to help build their brand, and fortunately Barbers & Stylists are uniquely positioned to help almost any business reach their target base. The rapport they hold, with your company’s potential consumers and their community, possess a strength that small businesses and corporations alike need to grow their companies.

Their clients are always asking for their advise and recommendations, on all types of important decisions. Now your business can have a better connectiom to these professionals, with a database of clients and company affiliates, for any type of assigned Ambassador partnerships.

Hire one bustling location or schedule a campaign of up to 20 entrepreneurially sound professionals, for promotions, outreach, product placement, focus groups and more!


What can you do?

  • Get found on the Buzz.
  • Receive introductory city-wide promotions via our Member locations and our LIVE scheduled content.
  • Hire local Barbers & Stylists to represent your brand, individually or up to a group of 20, as part of our corporate campaigns.
  • Earn referrals by building relationships with neighboring barbershops & salons.


What do you get?

  • One introduction text to all AMBASSADORS within a 2 mile radius of your business
  • One introduction social media post to our networks
  • One DJ mention during BarberTimeRADIO music mix


What we’re working on!