BarberTime helps businesses select entrepreneurial Barbers & Stylists to represent their brand!

For Clients

CLIENTS!!! You’re the reason Barbers & Stylists have a career! You’re the reason businesses and agencies reach out to shops! You are the biproduct to the purpose, of this platform!

You confide in your Barber or Stylist! They now have the resources to network better with businesses, and shape their GRAPEVINE posts (marketplace), to the needs of their clients, YOU!

Support your favorite Shop Members, FAN CLUB, and help boost them to the top of areas searches. Also help your Barber/Stylist get better Ambassador hires from Business Members.

The best part is searching the GRAPVINE and the BUZZ, for local and national promotions and information that key Barbershops & Salons have access to!


What can you do?

  • Find new deals on the GrapeVine marketplace. (Coming soon!)
  • See what’s new on the Buzz.
  • Client support tools like your favorite shop or business’ FAN CLUB, their MEMBER DIRECTORY and access to our interactive media content.
  • Earn referrals by building relationships with neighboring businesses.


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