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FAN Clubs: 

    • Fans are recurring followers of a Members FAN CLUB
    • Fan Club posts show up first on a Fan/User feed
    • Only paid Members can host FAN Clubs (Shops and Business members only)
    • The button to be a FAN will be a star symbol a user can click on next to the LIKE/Follow button
    • Users/Members can sign up to a paid members profile FAN Club and become a “FAN”
    • Users (general/free):
      • Users can select to join a Members FAN Club by clicking in the STAR on eligible Members FAN Clubs
      • Clicking on the FAN Club image will take the user to the Members Club feed page
      • FAN folders/carts only contain content of the profile, the user selected to be a FAN of
      • Users are allowed to sign up for only 10 FAN Clubs (Makes it exclusive for Members and a battle to get users to add you)
      • Users can show off their Fan Club related content (haircut, promotion, product etc) to push/promote their chosen Fan Club and gain rewards deemed by the selected Fan Club
      • Users gain merits for:
        • Likes on a selfie, of a Members FAN CLUB related product or service
          • 50 – Receives a GOLD STAR
          • 100 – Receives 2 GOLD STARS
          • 200 or more – 3 GOLD STARS, a BarberTime tee-shirt and hat.
      • Users are notified when:
        • Their selected Fan Club posts, ‘FC’ related content
        • They’ve earned merits from their FC
      • POTENTIAL UPGRADE: Users can gain status that gets them eligible for their own Fan Club
        • Gained merits from promoting other Fan Clubs
        • 10k liked haircut selfies posts
        • Liked Fan Club related posts
    • Member Fan clubs:
      • FAN Club Member is notified
        • When a user adds them to their FAN folder
        • When a user TAGs them as a FAN Club post
      • Members can use their Clubs to
        • Solicit their GrapeVine listings
        • Recruit new Shop and Business Members for cash benefits
        • Shop Members can solicit Business Members GrapeVine listings, as their Ambassador
        • Host private events and promotions for the FANS
        • Send group/fan messages
      • Businesses can sign up to a members FAN CLUB for free.


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