Peer Ambassador:

Ebony McClain

Hi , my name is beautydoll , I am owner /CEO  of House of Bundles Beautybar located in Dedham Ma . In the past I have delt with many different people , walking different paths in life ,  I have been understanding and able identify , how to address clients  who might be dealing with mental health as well as substance abuse issues ! I have also been able to be relatable to many of my clients . One example how someone with schizophrenia might be dealing with multiple thoughts or a 3rd person talking to them in there head. My experiences have given me the knowledge I needed to be more patient with client . Another example of last experience is if im dealing with some who suffers from anxiety, learning how I can calm them and make them comfortable enough to know there in a safe place . I have mastered talking to clients and allowing them a safe space to talk about their troubles or things there going through . I hoping this training with KIVACENTERS will give me additional strategies and skills to better identify a troubled client & allow Me to be able to guid them to different resources that can assist them with their troubles .

Ebony McClain

Hair Stylist, Ebony’s House of Beauty

Ebony McClain

Hair Stylist, House of Bundles Beautybar






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