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Kueen King

My lived experience as a Beauty Professional holds immense significance in supporting both myself, my staff and clientele. As a Salon owner it has served as a unique reservoir of challenges and triumphs that shapes the salon experience. However, working with KIVA, I’ve learned how to identify traumas as well as nuture them in the comfortable environment I’ve created in my beauty space. When customers are in a position of feeling safe, it fosters a camaraderie that is easy for both stylist and client. In essence, embracing and sharing your lived experience creates a rich tapestry that not only strengthens our own foundation but also contributes to a more compassionate and interconnected clientele

Kueen King

Hair Stylist/Speaker, King & Kueens

Kueen King

Motivational Speaker/Hair Stylist, Kings & Kueens Unisex Salon

Kueen King





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