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Tarsha Williams

As a Stylist with 30+ years of experience behind the chair, I’ve come to realize that my
responsibilities go beyond providing haircare services. My clients take their time of selfcare
more as an opportunity to decompress from the stress of their world. It’s that moment with me
that is set up for them to focus on themselves.
I know as a stylist networking comes with the territory. I will constantly acquire knowledge
that gives me the ability to share and direct my clients in the appropriate direction for some of
what they need at that time. My client stylist relationships hold an importance to the health and
well being of my clients. They look forward to those “all about me” moments. I have also seen
the negative results when this opportunity is taken away. As many have witnessed the strain on
mental health of our communities during the quarantine in 2020.
We are all unique individuals with specific needs but self care is universal. The routine
personalized contact we’ve established with our clients has become a necessity rather than a
bonus luxury experience branded nonessential. My clients have expressed to me that the time
in my chair is therapeutic for them. They appreciate the dedication I have to them as I
appreciate their trust they have for me and my services.

Tarsha Andrews

Hair Stylist, Tarsha’s Hair Factory

Tarsha Williams

Hair Stylist, Tarsha's Hair Factory

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