Peer Ambassador:

Romona Cropper

Hello my name is Romona, I am a stylist at House of Bundles Beauty Bar.

I had a client that used to be a regular in getting her hair done. She came to get her hair done and I hadn’t seen her in a couple of years so I was overjoyed to see her but I noticed that she was dazing off while speaking and after asking me a question. I asked her was she ok and would she like a facial first to relax? The young ladies reply was Yes Please.. I asked Is there something I could help you with Like a water? The young lady said Yes, that would be  great. At that moment her voice got low, she shared I’m very thirsty explaining she had been on chemo and finished her last treatment for and that she was overwhelmed because she lost a lot of weight and she had no clothes. Fortunately I had some things in a bag in the back as had been cleaning out my closet from thing I had purchased a while ago with tags still on them but couldn’t fit any longer,

I was taking them to the ben hoping it would make someone’s Christmas a good one. I asked if she wanted to see them. She replied Yes, Yes please. My reply was would it be okay to show you after you get your hair shampooed and conditioned? And she said yes with excitement. I ask would like a little music? The reply was Yes can it be gospel? I said no problem do you have resources of agencies to help you? She no do you, I shared I did not but I know there are hotline that can be looked up on line according to your needs. She was happy said I  never thought of that, thank you so much for caring and helping me I will look something up on line for me to get help at night with my depression when I get sad I need and need guidance. I will do that while I am under the dryer I am happy the stylist in this shop care and that let’s me know I came to the right place to get service but I  feel like I am with family that are not my blood but they care like family.

I know this program will be great for me. This better help detect when someone is going through a crisis mentally upon entering the shop and sitting in my chair to get serviced. This will help me be prepared for present and future clients.


Thank you

Stilist Romona C.

House of Bundles

Beauty Bar

Romona Cropper

Hair Stylist , House of Bundles Beauty Bar

Romona Cropper





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