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Yolanda Parker

Hello, My name is Yolanda Parker, I’ve been a stylist for many, many years.

I’ve had quite a few clients that have been through and have overcome a lot. Some of they’re situations are relatable so sometimes talking to them helps me also. I will sometimes put music on and I’ll sing and sometimes I’ll do a little dance just to try to cheer them up.  So anything I can do to take they’re mind off things if just only for the length of time they are in the shop I will try to do.
There was a time when one of my clients was venting about a situation to myself and 4 others with one being a younger client. I then shared a similar situation with them I had gone through. I looked over at my younger client and she had tears in her eyes. I thought the tears were for me, but they weren’t. She was going through something similar. When she sat in my chair she said “Ms. Yolanda I would have never thought you would have gone through something like that.” I told her with the right people and resources I was able to overcome my situation. In short the next time she came in she was in a happier space and she said after our conversation it gave her the strength and the will to work on her situation.
So in closing,  I will say I try to be the ear for any of my clients who need to vent or otherwise. As I also stated they help me out as well…
Yolanda Parker

Hair Stylist, Lawson's Barbershop, Mattapan

Hair Stylist @ Lawson’s Barbershop, Mattapan

Located  @ 1541 Blue Hill ave.

Boston, MA 02126

Contact number: 617.293.4597





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