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The BarberTime TV – Streaming Network (formerly Mogul Monitor) is turning your shops tablets and TV into a monetized tool for the HIGH TRAFFIC, resourcefulness of the Barber and Beautician.

With the way shops and salons are utilized, by neighboring businesses for promotional value, we understand the barber had no real tool to harness those high traffic moments and monetize it all.

BarberTime developed this platform  to help provide RESIDUAL INCOME and ORGANIZATION! Allowing you to rid your shop of the mess from flyers, leaflets, posters and all the other solicitations left by your community, while earning income doing what you do naturally.

Use those high traffic moments to show off your newest cuts or find the best deals for your customers. And with our organized, (mostly) clean content & programming, you can say goodbye to high cost cable and satellite services.

You get your very own network website, that doubles as your content control portal, for your TV & devices.


  • Media entertainment – choose from a library of music and video content
  • Services & promotions – promote your products or share Ambassador content
  • Hairstyles – display your allotted number of hairstyles
  • GrapeVine activity – display your allotted number of GrapeVine promotions
  • Social media activity – display your Fan Club activity
  • Breaking news ticker feed


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