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Eddie Parker

Greetings I go by PARKE’
My development in 3 decades was dedicated to operate with decency as approached and embarked upon a greatly mastered skill to use the tools and wisdom as a Tonsorial Artist.  This development period began to take faculty when I was exposed to learn the anatomy of barbering and evaluate the way that our vessels work in harmony as I have been governed to practice and participate in.  In instance of obtaining the schooling’s  of wholistic principles, applying frequencies; meaning sound communications atmosphere and harmonies to inject into the environment and change the consciousness of the shop works.  I’ve had the opportunity to service clients and in addition communicate these attributes, that I myself have had the blessing to add to my own life practices and reflect the very essence of what I was studying and offering to the clients and the atmosphere of the shop as we began to grow.  Health is the number one consultation that needed to be applied to the environment for which I’ve participated in and had the pleasure to distribute to an each one reach one development.  It has in turn change the lives of my long term clients and Nu-clients who it has been the pleasure to share such principles.  The barbershop is outdated, we spent a lot time in the social gathering yet in the gather it didn’t fully comply to a one science to empower each and every investor who sits in our chairs to receive a service yet apply an overall posture to update not just external appearance that come from the service, yet of an internal alignment that empowers them even more to use in their everyday lifestyle.
The solutions are collective; joining the thinking minds of all, as we are orchestrating a therapeutic rhythm on the crowns of the temple.  I would always practice being mindful of the conversations and the details inside of the dialogues that holds me accountable and hold the investor (patron) accountable as well.  These are the lost arts to the ARK of our service platforms. We must build accordingly and this is my divine contribution that have blessed to operate in.
Thank you Greatly to All of the Great People I have had the opportunity to meet serve and achieve something even more important from Divine Guidance as a Hair Tonsorial Artist.
In Sincere
Eddie Parker

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